Land Rover Defender
Convert pickups to double cup pickups

Our firm is Land Rover Defender convert normal pickups to double cup pick ups in our garages in Istanbul with the assistance of our own Land Rover service. %100 compatible with chassis and truck’s licence. Except renewing wheel, tire and engine everything is new and include and in this price. These cars can be exported to USA without any customs problem. You can see our hundreds of referances.

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Land Rover Defender Convert pickup to double cup Service

Defender convert normal pickups to double cup pick ups in our garages in Istanbul with the assistance of our own Land Rover service %100 compatible with chassis and truck’s licence.
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Land Rover defender restorations Our target customers in basic restoration service are especially American and Canadian car importers who buy Defenders from our company or from other car owners in Turkey. It is a service we provide to remove the negative situations on Defenders that is impeding the importation to America or Canada and to ensure that imported Defenders can pass through American or Canadian Customs.


At the moment, our company only performs fully car restoration and sell the restored Defenders on behalf of 9Ekim Group, but we will provide this service to our customers upon their requests soon. Very soon


Accessories for sale. Wholesale or retail sales are Available. We can export all over the world


Defender Restorations as of 2019 offers restoration services for customers who buy Defender vehicles from our stocklist or who buy Defender vehicles themselves to import to their countries in the collaboration with the professional workshop that is experienced over 40 years. Please click on the link to see the restoration of 1994 model Defender 110 made by our company experienced in Defender restoration.

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Otokar Parts and Accessori̇es at 9 ekim Group
We supply a huge range of quality Land Rover Defender parts, accessories and equipment for popular vintage defender models such as Land Rover Defender. We stock high-quality defender parts and accessories which are available for next day delivery. dokuzekim Group is partnership off Otokar Turkey. Otokar is manufacturing license off Land Rover and manufacture military Land Rover Defender in Turkey in cooperation with Land Rover.

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Are You looking for a Defender?

9Ekim Company will break down the price of a used Land Rover Defender.

If you buy in our stock for it has nearly 30 years experience in the field, compared to when you buy own your own means which will be expensive.

Do you want to sell your Defender?

9ekim Group buy your vehicle for cash or consign, anything considered at good rates, honest and reliable quotes, high or low mileage, LR Defenders or Old Timer cars, Blue Plate cars and Old Timer Motorbike, MA or foreign plates.

We will travel 29.anywhere in Turkey and in Balkan ,Europe with free van collection directly from your home, contact with us now and easy sell your vehicle for cash.

9ekim Customs Consultancy and International Car Logistic Services

9ekim Customs service handles every procedure involved in the shipping of vehicles anywhere in the world, providing country-specific technical expertise, customs consultancy services and state-of-the-art solutions.

With our experience of automobile shipping and Customs consultancy, you can enjoy peace of mind and a worry free auto shipping service for your collectable vintage automobile. 9ekim Group is the licensed a pioneer and leader in Turkey that does both international vehicle transportation and Licensed Customs brokerage. We have partnership in USA, GERMANY, HOLLAND, MIDDLE EAST.

9ekim Group ships and Customs clear, thousands of vehicles from the İstanbul to the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia, Central and South America, Australia, and New Zealand. We ship High Value Cars, Classic Cars, Vintage Cars, Motorcycles, ATVs. (by Ro-Ro, Container, Air Cargo and Truck)

“We Carry your trust”

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